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Following Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s breathtaking HOME and based on the United Nations values, and more specifically on the Millennium Development Goals, HUMAN is a sensitive portrait of human beings today. It offers perspectives from people around the world about how we can live well together – all seven billion of us. Shot over three years, the film tells the collective stories of 2,000 men and women in 60 countries. The stunning and often provocative aerial footage offers poetic and sometimes critical insights into our species’ life on earth. HUMAN creates an emotional link between mankind and the earth and addresses the question of our common future.

HUMAN is a committed movie, giving a voice to those that do not have it. Supported by the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation and the GoodPlanet Foundation and inspired by desire to take positive action towards humanity, HUMAN will have an international reach.


Worldwide release on the 12th of September

The worldwide premiere of HUMAN will take place on the 12th of September in the United Nations' headquarters in New York in presence of the Secretary General Mr Ban Ki-moon and of the Permantent Representative of France to the United Nations, Ambassador Mr François Delattre. For this occasion, the General Assembly hall will for the first time ever be transformed into a cinema. On the same day, we are very honoured to announce that HUMAN will also be presented at the prestigious Venice Film Festival. In France, still on the 12th of September, HUMAN will for the first time be presented at the Fête de l'Humanité.

From the 12th to the 22nd of September: in all cinemas in France

Thought and created for the big screen, HUMAN will be proposed in exclusivity in its cinematographic version (3h11) to all the cinemas in France. We are working with all the distributors so as to offer a low entry price to all.

From the 13th to the 16th of September: 4 days of projections at the Grand Rex in Paris

The film crew will be present during the 4 days of projection of HUMAN and accompanying short movies (making of, how the music was created...) to meet the general public.

From the 22nd of September: available to all thanks to the Association des Maires de France

Parrallel to the screenings in movie theaters, every town without a local cinema will be able to receive a free projection kit to join the movement so as collectivities, universities, high schools, associations and cultural actors everywhere in France.

End of September/ Beginning of October: special HUMAN event on France 2

France 2 will project in prime time a short version of the film specially edited for the television and dubbed in French. After the film, a whole night will be dedicated to the project during which special contents will be projected (making of, unseen itws...)

A worldwide visibility with GOOGLE

From the 12th of September, Google, partner of the project, will make the film accessible to the general public in its extended version with 3 modules of 1h30 as well as a hundred of unseen interviews on Youtube.

Beginning of October: during the MIP TV

The HUMAN project will be presented during the MIP TV in Cannes in the main room of the Palais des Festivals to make of the French experience an international movement.

Ban Ki-moon

Ban Ki-moon is the eighth and current Secretary-General of the United Nations and was a career diplomat in South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the United Nations.
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A Chinese proverb says that women hold up half the sky" ... Today we have many climatic, economical and social challenges in a complex, uncertain and hard which was built and dominated by men. To face them, it is urgent to change, to think and act differently. By listening to women, but especially by giving them more power we can possibly find an alternative. That is why the next film by Yann Arthus- Bertrand will be entitled WOMAN, and will be fully dedicated to women. First to put feminine sensibility forward, but also to talk about all these women in the world that are invisible , or whose voices are oppressed. The world will change if we change our perspective on women!

Vincent Coyle founder of Reconciliation Day also known as International Reconciliation Day has always been a supporter of Yann Arthus-Bertrand work, as Vincent believes that his work is a wonderful example of reconciliation. From his original work from Terra, Planet Ocean, Forest and People, Earth from Above, 7 Billion Others to Human has captured the essence of life and the world around us. Everyday there are devastating stories and insistence around the world from war to racism and wealth. We all seem to be disconnected from each other as well as our planet. These are things that people need to open up to and world reconciliation can help towards that goal. I look forward to Yann's new offering "WOMAN" as I believe we should always highlight the need and worth of woman around the world. This will also highlight the role of life woman give towards mankind.

Vincent's Visit to New York

 Vincent Coyle

Reconciliation Champion returns to the United Nations.

International Human and Civil Rights Advocate and Actor Vincent Coyle will attend the United Nations 70th Anniversary and Opening of the UN General Assembly with the World Premiere of HUMAN by UNEP Goodwill Ambassador and Award Winning Director Yann Arthus Bertrand in the Presence of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and His Excellency François Delattre. HUMAN a film last in the trilogy of PlanetOcean and HOME mirrors the work of Reconciliation and consists of over 2000 interviews from 60 countries.

Vincent Coyle worked with Kofi Annan Former UN Secretary General (1997-2006) to establish the Year of Reconciliation at the UN that passed unanimously at the UN, now a worldwide phenomenon celebrated in the last week in April every year around the world.

Since Kofi Annan departure Vincent Coyle held the first ever Justice Awareness and International Day of Reconciliation in the US in South Carolina on March 26, 2015, an annual celebration event that focuses to deal with the past, settle differences, and celebrate likenesses through Social Justice Awareness, International Reconciliation, and Economic Inclusion! The justice, reconciliation and economic work from Coyle and Gallman stems from the first slaves in the US were Irish and Africans, the US Civil Rights Movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and inspired Irish Civil Rights leaders Mr. Vinny Coyle (Vincent Coyle father) and Noble Peace Laureate Winner John Hume and Bloody Sunday leader Ivan Cooper. Both Hume and Cooper fully supports Vincent Coyle's Reconciliation Day.

9/11 Memorial

The 9/11 Memorial Museum honors the memory of those killed in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and the February 26, 1993 World Trade Center bombing. In doing so, it aspires to educate the millions of people expected to visit the World Trade Center each year in hopes of building a better future.

Micheal Bloomberg

Vincent has been invited to take part in the memorial of 9/11 to pay respect for those who died so tragically and honor those who so bravelly risked their lives to save others.


Irish Hunger Memorial

Vincent Coyle together with the Irish President Mary McAleese, Mr John Hume Noble Peace Laureate and Vincent's Mother Jane Coyle.

Placing it in an international context, he linked the anniversary with the 60th anniversary of the UN declaration on human rights. Civil rights activists in Northern Ireland in 1968 identified with blacks in the southern US and with "a Baptist minister named after Martin Luther", he said.

Creating trust and understanding between former enemies is a supremely difficult challenge. It is, however, an essential one to address in the process of building a lasting peace. Examining the painful past, acknowledging it and understanding it, and above all transcending it together, is the best way to guarantee that it does not – and cannot – happen again. The ending of overt violence via a peace agreement or military victory does not mean the achievement of peace. Rather, the ending of violence or a so-called ‘post-conflict’ situation provides “a new set of opportunities that can be grasped or thrown away”. The international community can play a significant role in either nurturing or undermining this fragile peace building process. The United Nations, individual states and international nongovernment organisations (INGOs), have become increasingly involved in trying to rebuild peaceful societies in the aftermath of violent conflict. The dilemmas currently being faced across Europe are only the latest in a line of learning experiences in this complex task of post-conflict peace building. In Namibia and Cambodia, for the first time, the UN launched expanded peacekeeping operations which included not only military security but the coordination of elections. In East Timor, the UN mandate broadened even further to include the establishment of a functioning government and society through comprehensive development, law and order, security and governance objectives. In both Afghanistan and Iraq, extensive reconstruction activities have also been pursued, including an emphasis on establishing security, democracy and good governance. None of these things can become a reality without Truth, Justice and Awareness of Reconciliation. Nonviolence is a philosophy, an existing theory and a practice, a lifestyle, and a means of social, political and economic struggle as old as history itself. From ancient times to the present times, people have renounced violence as a means of resolving disputes. They have opted instead for negotiation, mediation and reconciliation, thereby resisting violence with a militant and uncompromising nonviolence and respect for the integrity of all human beings, friends and enemies alike. Nonviolence provides us with tools, the positive means to oppose and stop wars and preparations for war, to resist violence, to struggle against racial, sexual and economic oppression and discrimination and to seek social justice and genuine democracy for people throughout the world. In a very real sense, nonviolence is the leaven for the bread that is a new society freed from oppression and bloodshed, a world in which persons can fulfill their individual potentials to the fullest. Lets all come together to help reconciailation become more of a reality in all our lifes, through social and financial inclusion, in the everlasting pursuit of truth with justice for all. Everyday they are people that need help to reconcile with there past, with family and friends. Countries that need support with helping out there citizens during the war of the middle east and countries worldwide. These are all things that can be prevented and helped through reconciliation with truth and justice.